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Top 5 challenge teachers face in the classroom.

  • 03, Jan 2020

Lack of time planning : Teachers have so many works in class and so other many admin works in school so they face lots of time issues because they have less time and more work.This situation is more challenging today. 

Lots of paperwork : Teachers have main work of teaching but after that have so many additional roles like social worker, counsellor and a lot more. Such excessive paper works take a lot of time of their regular schedules.

Handle too many pressure : Teachers have lots of pressure from admin and parents. Satisfying  to everyone in the same note is very difficult for teachers. They will have to make choices between fairness and survival at times.


Changing educational tools :  This is worst classroom changes faced by teachers in class is educational methods which change is every year and teachers have to figure out themselves on how effectively they can use their new tools.

Students Guidance :  This is the main challenge because every parents send their child school to learn something good, they want their child become a good human so this is main responsibility and pressure for them guide students with quality knowledge. 

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