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Advantages of Cloud based ERP !

  • 24, Dec 2019

Cloud ERP is a type of ERP software that is hosted on a cloud computing platform, rather than on premises within an enterprise's own data center.

Cloud ERP also gives companies access to their business-critical applications at any time from any location.

Advantage of Cloud based ERP

  • Updation Quickly : Basically cloud based erp is uses in web so here updation is done quickly and automatically without any human- interaction.
  • Data Accuracy & Safe : With cloud based ERP data accuracy improves greatly and any firm data is fully safe there is no any reason to  spoil data, Your data is always safe & accurate.
  • No Physical Server :  Maintenance of hardware is not essential, simply because there is not physical hardware on-site at all. This is a big plus for operations that have to constantly maintain hardware.Firms can focused in other area. 

Online Vs Offline Erp

Software Hosting : Cloud based software hosted in vendor’s servers and access through a web browser. Offline software is installed locally. 

User Access : Cloud based software can access by user anywhere and any gadgets but offline software is access only particular installed system.

Data Security : Cloud based data is always saved in cloud so there is no fear format and data corrupt etc. In other end offline software have issue of data format or losing data.

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