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E Books Vs Printed Books.

  • 19, Dec 2019

E Books Vs Printed Books.

Today we are entering in a very tight race which is E Books Vs Books. There is a big battle and, we are over come with our points so let’s see who will come on the top Printed Books or E Books. 

A few years ago, after four-plus decades of reading print books, and several years after Amazon launched the e-book revolution i also downloaded the App and buying the online book start the reading on my phone. It was easy to me just put my phone outside and with the help of single click buying books from anywhere or anytime I don’t need to wait for any specific day or shop to going purchase the books. I can read my favorites books in a sec. It was totally time saving and money saving because E Books cost is very cheaper than Printed Books. printed books cost more because of the resources needed.

But I feel one thing when i am reading that e books i can’t visualize myself and I am not enjoying a tactile satisfaction. I am disturbing with others pop up like adwords, messages, reminders, calls, and other phone related pop ups. So that was very distracted for me. 

Printed Books. If we are talking about the physical books so we all are used to of printed book from our childhood. When we had going to school in very first day so first thing we were carried in our bag which was book. So we are using this from our first day may be that’s why we are more comfortable with this. 

Easily shared : Printed books are easy to share rather than E-Books, Book in any shelves like Library, Book store is calling a potential customers only. Only that peoples will going there who desperately want to read the books. And it’s very easy to share with any one.

Meaningful Gifts. Printed books are so much meaningful gifts for any book lover.

Easily Scribbled And Marked Up : We have to admit that we have aversion to writing in our books and prefer to keep them in same condition. We like to underline the passage and making notes from there. 

Prints Books Smell is good : Besides the crisp, delicate, feel of the pages of a book, I also like to take a gentle whiff of the thing. Yes, I like to smell my books. Even I hope most of the peoples are agree with me. The memories and associations that are triggered by such an act are random and sudden, and that's why I like the sensation.

We have many points discussing the matter of E Books & Print Books It’s Totally depends upon the reader choice. So clearly the winner of this discussion none other than A Reader (The person doing reading). Readers should be focused for their reading all the options easily available in the market. 

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