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Time - Table Generation

  • 18, Dec 2019

What is the Time Table ?

A table where we are maintain all the events on time basis or weak basis or monthly basis. In different - different field time table create in a different way. If we are talking about the school & institute so these field time table creating by subject , teacher, class and their schedule

Automatic Time Table Vs Manual Time Table.   

Time Saving & Effortless : This is the biggest advantage of automatic time table. It’s too much time saving because all data already saved in software we have to need just click. In other hand in manual time table we have to entered everything again and again. 

Reduces Error : Any manual system is subject to human errors. However, using the automatic timetable management system ensures that there is minimal chance for error. Additionally, there is an error in the input of data, the same can be rectified within minutes. For the school and college they have different standards or courses so there is too much chances to make a mistake.

Teachers Substitution : Using a timetable management system makes it easier for the schools to allocate a substitute teacher to a class in case of an absent teacher. The automatic schedule feature will also notifications to be sent to teachers updating them about the changes in their schedule, thus once again helping them prepare in advance for the day ahead avoiding any subsequent chaos. In other end this can’t be happen in Manual Time-Table 

Paperless : Basically Whole software is creating paperless environment in any firm so similarly Time Table Management also create paperless environment in school and college because all the members have all the details in their gadgets and they get all the notification from there.    

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