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Mobile Application

  • 18, Dec 2019

In day today life we are seeing everyone busy with their mobile phones. Small kids to older men can spent their whole day with their phones. All are busy in different different types of Application  kids are busy in rhymes App, adult are busy with their games apps, older are busy with their songs app etc. It Seems like whole world be in a small phones.So in that case Doplus Technologies has been developed different types of app for all parents, teachers & students related to school like Parents App, Teachers App, Student App.These all Mobile Application are very easy to install & configure, So that parents & teachers can experience user friendly interface by using single one time secure login.

E Communication between Teacher & Parents

In these busy schedule most of the parents are working and during their schedule they don’t have time to check their student progress, their homework, their curriculum Activities. So through this Mobile Application teachers can upload their daily assignment, progress report and that pop up will show parents phone and they check from anywhere anytime. Even if parents want so they can chat one to one with the teachers regarding their child report. They don’t need to wait for any PTM.

Gateway Payment 

Today’s modern India peoples have changes in their choices. Now people dislike, stand up in rows, like bank, bill payments almost 70% generation of India using online Banking even just because online banking our young generation is not carrying cash in their wallets just because they have E-Wallets. Similarly in this Parents App have gateway payment facility where parents can paid their child fees online they don’t need to go school for fee submission even with the help of this Parents App they avoid the late fee because sometime parents not getting time to go school so in this app Doplus ERP have online fee module even parents get reminder pop up as well. 

Leave Management.

With the help of this Apps Faculty can apply their leaves and check their leaves and check their salary related information, Profile information, Leaves information. So doplus have complete app for everyone. 

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